Mind - For Better Mental Health

Yoga and relaxation

Tuesday 17th October 2017

Yoga for beginners continues with Hayley between 4.30pm-5.30pm. PLEASE NOTE YOGA WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE SEATING AREA OF THE CENTRE - 24/26 DOVER ROAD ENTRANCE. 3 contribution per session. There are six spaces so it is essential that you telephone, email or pop along to the Centre to add your name to the poster. If you are unable to attend please let the office know. Yoga can help the mind and body unite, improving both physical and mental health. A health questionnaire will need completing by all new attenders. Comfortable clothing is recommended. You can bring a cushion and blanket if you wish. Avoid eating for 2 hours before the class.

Please note that to access our outings, activities and events you need to be a member of Mind. Please telephone the Centre (01303 250090) if you would like further details.

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